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You want the facts when it comes to diet and nutrition? You need a qualified and experienced professional? 

The first thing you need to know is that although my work covers a broad range of topics like nutrition, digestion, eating psychology, hormones and health, the central thread that ties them all together is creating sustainable habits. I call myself the anti diet nutritionist who is on a mission to stand up against the diet industry so we can all lead healthier, happier, longer lives.

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You're thinking about asking for help? You don't really understand what you've been doing wrong but feel a sense of urgency to start something....?

Lets talk! Get your questions answered and see your options clearly.

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Diets steal your body confidence.

They make you overthink eating, doubt and hate your body.

They trap you in the rules that worsen food anxiety, that make it more likely you will  eat emotionally.

Your self esteem bottoms out so you become more concerned with what other people think of you.

It’s time to break free diets and create a healthy relationship with food.

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Rethinking Diets and Weight Loss

Rethinking Diets and Weight Loss

What if I told you that weight loss is not the be all and end all for fatter people?  

What if I told you that weight loss ultimately leads to a higher BMI (weight gain) and worse health?

Did you know that calorie restriction is more likely to result in weight fluctuation (yo yo dieting) and this increases your risk of heart disease? 

Did you know our body will try to prevent weight loss? This is why it can be so hard!



Imagine having your own expert nutritionist, that is there for YOU.

That you can access anytime you need...that will ensure you make the changes you need to and want to

Personal Nutrition Assessment

Personal Nutrition Assessment

How do you know what you're eating is meeting all your nutritional requirements?

If you are feeling stressed, hormonal, tired or stuck on a weight plateau, a detailed dietary assessment can identify nutritional inadequacies that mean you can quickly implement dietary changes that you know are right and therefore more likely to work for you.



THE WAKEMAN NUTRITION COLLECTION -  downloadable fact sheets and information guides



Can’t I just do this by myself?

Yes of course you can but do you have 20 years worth of skills, knowledge and experience you can use to ensure you succeed? Knowing what we need to do and actually doing it are very different things. If we all did what we thought we should there would be no obesity epidemic, 16% of all deaths would not be due to heart disease and 24,000 people with diabetes would not die early in England each year. I help you understand and manage the thought processes that often sabotage our success. By understanding our emotional connections with food and the factors that affect our motivation you will break free from the viscous cycles that continually throw us off the wagon.

But I can access all the information and help I need from books and the internet?

There is certainly more than enough information about nutrition and health available at our fingertips but most of it is inaccurate. The media often over simplify and over hype news stories and much of what we read is written by unqualified people making untrue claims. This has resulted in mass confusion and misunderstanding about what we should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to our diet. My qualifications and experience mean I will without doubt, use my expertise to provide correct, evidenced-based and safe advice. In other words you get a non nonsense approach which means you get realistic and practical advise that actually works.

What if I’m not sure I’m ready yet?

That is absolutely fine!  I know what it’s like trying to make a big change and feeling scared. The biggest growth happens when we push outside of our comfort zone and try something new. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure it out on your own. If you have got to this point then it’s very simple. Just book in for a no obligation call with me. This is why I have an application process. It’s as much about whether I can help you, as you wanting to be helped by me, to see if we are a good fit. So really you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. On the call we will talk about what you want to achieve, how long that would take and if this program is right for you.