The Anti Diet System (Self Taught Version)

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Self Discovery Online Programme

  • Find a weight at which you feel both HEALTHY and HAPPY
  • Learn how to LISTEN to your body
  • Stop worrying if what you're eating is 'good enough'
  • SILENCE that inner critic
  • Raise your BODY CONFIDENCE
  • 12 modules you can study at your own pace
  • p.s. This is NOT a diet

Escape Food Stress

Diets steal your body trust.

They encourage you to overthink all your food choices, which take up way too much head space and energy.

Your become more concerned with what other people think and end up feeling a failure.

You feel demotivated and can't understand why you can’t do what should be so simple!

It’s time to break free from this diet mentality and create a healthy, stress-free relationship with food.

The Anti Diet System (ADS) is an online programme based upon my 3 pillars of transformation:

Eating Mindset

What diets don’t do is change your eating mindset. In fact they damage it through the rules they apply, which is why you always end up back where you started. The ADS helps you understand and challenge your beliefs so you can let go of the habits that don’t serve you

Eating Behaviours

Understand why you eat the way you do. Become more in-tuned to your body's needs and learn how to nourish your mind and body. Find peace with your food choices, knowing they are right for you

Body Image

You can’t transform your relationship with food if you remain hung up on your body. Develop body respect so that you support your body rather than undermine it. Tackle your inner bully and find health and happiness in your own skin.

What exactly is included in The Self Discovery Anti-Diet System?

  • 12 modules designed to shift your eating mindset AND how you see yourself
  • The modules are released weekly, from the day YOU sign up
  • Each module consists of a video lesson, an activity and follow up email
  • You get the Anti Diet-System workbook that contains all your worksheets to guide you through the programme activities
  • You also get the Anti-Diet Journal (with journaling prompts) so you can document your progress
  • You are given access to the private ADS forum where you can ask questions and meet other Anti-Dieters!
  • Join the monthly Anti-Diet group coaching call with all other Anti-Dieters (takes place over zoom on the first Thursday evening of every month)
  • You get complete flexibility to study entirely at your own pace and in your own time.

Taking the self discovery route is ideal if:

  • You are looking to begin your anti-diet journey

  • You feel more comfortable working on your own and on your own terms

  • Evenings are tricky for you (to access the weekly group coaching provided on the supported version of the ADS)

  • A more affordable option would be great right now (you can choose to pay £125 per month over 3 months - contact Mel if you would like to do this)

What the Anti-Diet System will teach you how to

  • Stress less with food
  • Enjoy eating without guilt
  • Understand your body’s blueprint and weight set point
  • Find a weight at which you feel healthy and happy
  • Develop self compassion
  • Develop an effective self care practice
  • Stop hating your body
  • Manage your emotions without relying on food all the time
  • Discover ways of moving with joy not dread
  • Respect your body
  • Model a healthier relationship with food for your family
  • Improve your long term emotional and physical health

Joint TODAY and get living your life!


Mel x