Group Non-Diet Kick Start (Birmingham Only)

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Are you fed up of trying to lose weight? Are you back in the same place you were last January?

Have you done Weight Watchers and Slimming World? Have you given up carbs to find you were starving? Have you now put even more weight back on? It's enough to make anyone reach for the biscuits.....! 

Would you love to know why you can't stop munching? Do you dream about not feeling guilty after eating?  Would you love to make healthier choices but don’t even know where to begin changing your habits?

It's time to ditch the diet, take back control of your eating. Re-connect with and accept your body no matter your shape or size!

In January 2018 I will be running a 4 week kick start programme to begin the New Year on the right track. THIS IS NOT A DIET!!

Taking place at The Floating Spa in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, receive the benefits of weekly workshops, group support and most importantly the expertise to help you get off the diet train for good.

Re-frame your beliefs about food and your body using tools based on the principles of mindfulness, intuitive and kindful eating. Focusing on health gains and body respect, you will be in a safe and supported environment where you can face your food demons and learn to let go of your food fears. 

This is perfect for you if.......

  • You want to stop worrying about what you should and shouldn't be eating
  • You want to know how you've ended up stuck at your current weight
  • You want to get clarity on food and stop compartmentalising it into good and bad.
  • You want to understand why you want the sweet stuff all the time
  • You want to enjoy food again
  • You want to feel more confident and find your true self

Learn how to

Honor your hunger aka eat when you're hungry. This may sound obvious but feeling hungry is so much more than a rumbling belly! I've worked with so many people who have gone to bed hungry and wondered why they couldn't sleep.  I'll give you tools to assess your own subjective hunger level. We will also start to explore how to find your last bite threshold (to prevent over eating) and help you get used to feeling comfortably full.

Make peace with food - this is about letting go of food rules; that you don't need to rule out gluten, sugar, carbs or fat to get health. You will learn how to trust your body and yourself around food - a scary thought but a skill you can develop.

Find the Satisfaction Factor Carb free rice and bread and other diet foods will often leave you wanting more. You probably already know you will eat more of a product if it says low cal or sugar free. Learning what foods satisfy you as well as fill you up (these are very different things) can help you realise you don't need as much.

Cope with emotions without using food - anxiety, stress, boredom, loneliness, anger; we all experience these emotions in life but food won't fix them. If anything, eating for an emotional hunger will leave you feeling even worse. Learn the power of self care, compassion and nurture to cope with your emotions; fill your own toolbox with techniques that ensure food takes it's proper place - a source of nourishment and pleasure.

You'll Receive all of this:

  • 4 X weekly 90 minute workshops (to run from Wednesday 31st January 5.30-7pm
  • 1 X personal email each week to help you trouble shoot and get personalised advice that meets your needs
  • Access to a private Facebook Group to ask questions, receive further help and support, encouragement and accountability
  • Once signed up, you’ll be given unlimited, lifetime access to the group and resources – including new content that is added as time goes on.

This is not for you if.........

  • You want to lose half your body weight in the next month
  • Are not open to different approaches (that don't involve weighing, counting calories or points)
  • You are not open to being coached
  • You don’t want to be held accountable
  • You can’t commit to taking action

If you'd like to ask me anything, simply message me via this site or book in a complementary discovery call