Lorisian GOLD

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Lorisian Gold (Previously called 200 plus)

The most comprehensive test, the Lorisian 200plus will analyse your IgG antibody reactions to our full range of 208 food and drink ingredients.
The test is simple to take and can be done with or without my supervision. All we need is small blood sample, which is obtained with a simple prick of the finger.
Your sample will be analysed for IgG antibody reactions in the blood, when it is exposed to 208 food and drink ingredients. A step by step guide on how to take the test is included in your kit. 

A food-specific IgG reaction should not be confused with food allergies, nor other types of food intolerances, which Lorisian do not test for. These include:

  • Enzyme deficiencies e.g. lactose (milk sugar) intolerance
  • Coeliac disease; requiring lifelong avoidance of gluten
  • Chemical sensitivities e.g. histamine, tyramine, sulphites etc
You will be provided with clear results and supporting materials to help you eliminate your trigger foods and optimise your diet.
  • Simple home-to-laboratory testing kit
  • Results sent within 10 days
  • Post-test materials, including a comprehensive guidebook and 12 week food and drink diary
  • Complimentary 30 minute phone / video consultation with Mel from Wakeman Nutrition.

Any questions, please do drop me a message