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Is it just an age thing? Since you hit 30 you’ve noticed that managing your waist line is getting more tricky.

The creep effect is beginning?

You are aware you can’t get away with eating the amounts you always used to at meal times. Now you are starting to have second thoughts about your food choices too and wondering what the consequences will be.

You are having to work that bit harder and longer in the gym to stay on form.

But you know it’s recent. There is nothing to panic about……yet but it makes you feel a little uncomfortable. You know it could be the beginning of that slippery slope but you won’t let that happen; you can refocus.

But you also don’t really understand where you are going wrong? Why is this happening? What's going on with your metabolism and hormones?

Does this sound familiar?

All you need is a kick up the back side! An expert voice on your shoulder to say hey, this is what you need to do….

What will I do?

I am the friendly voice on you shoulder, helping you work through and overcome your challenges. I am also the one that holds you accountable.

We tackle the negative thoughts that have caused you to fall off the wagon.

We restore your focus, increase your motivation and you get complete clarity on where you are right now and why.

I help you strengthen your mindset and attitude to your health and provide all the tools you need to be successful.

I design a bespoke dietary plan that meets your individual requirements in order to meet you targets and goals in the time frame you need.

Every programme is bespoke but typically we cover the following

  • Determine YOUR unique nutritional requirements.

  • Link your nutritional status to your physical and mental health.

  • Examine your eating pattern and food preferences.

  • Assess your fluid intake.

  • Assess your appetite and hunger cues

  • Boost your mindset, motivation and willpower
  • Set realistic goals
  • Succeed!

How we can work together

I work intensively with my private clients. This shorter 1 month programme provides the perfect kick start you need to get back on track again. It is very focused and precisely tailored to your individual needs.


I don't do quick fixes. I use a non-diet approach that will lead to long term change. I don't recommend any approach that is restrictive or eliminates food groups. The last thing I want to do is create any negative emotions around food or put you at risk of any nutritional deficiencies. Your health comes first. Always.

I can coach online which makes the best use of your time, especially when life’s pressures are full on. I use Zoom video calling or the good ole' fashioned phone as well as face to face sessions. No need to travel and you can make use of your evenings and weekends too if you prefer.

We begin with an extended consultation where we look to face your most difficult challenges head on. Ideally we will meet in person for this. We will go through your health and medical history, identify the areas you need help with most and create an initial action plan there and then.

I will ask you to complete a food diary for me so that can assess your current diet. Using the latest (professional) dietary analysis software I will identify the areas of your diet that you need to focus on first to help you hit your targets and goals quickly.

You will receive a comprehensive dietary report identifying your nutrient imbalances and the clear steps you need to follow. A tailored action plan is designed to work for you and fit around your commitments.

I provide continuous support, direction and encouragement in addition to my expert advice that is realistic, practical and achievable.

Before you need to do anything else, book in a free, no obligation chat and tell me what you are looking for. Simply click this button:

Client Testimonial

In autumn 2016 I started feeling depressed, had mood swings and put on some weight. Then I met Mel, and she helped me to get out of my low point, and I managed to start losing weight.

Thanks to Mel’s advice and pointers I am now able to continue with the healthy lifestyle, and I am confident in reaching my ideal weight soon. The main thing is that I know what am I doing and why.

Initially, Mel and I just had a chat about my general lifestyle, interests, concerns and habits. After that, I compiled five-day food diary which Mel analysed and then she gave feedback. With Mel, it’s not about a quick fix, which is not the point. My aim is to feel healthy and happy about myself and at the same time be able to perform and have the strength to do my work. And at the same time maintain my ideal weight consistently. Mel is very easy to talk to, and she always considers my feelings and beliefs and ‘puts herself into my shoes’.

You'll Receive all of this:

  • Initial Kick Off Consultation (60-90mins): Week 1

  • In-depth Dietary Analysis report + personal action plan

  • 3 x personal bespoke consultations (60mins): Weeks 2, 3, 4

  • Assessment & Review Consultation Session: Week 5/6
  • Complete clarity on the areas of your diet that you need to work on to help you hit your targets and goals.
  • The setting of realistic goals that can be as challenging as you want them to be.

  • Regular review and adjustment along the way.

  • Help finding workable routines that fit around your commitments designed to achieve results in your desired time frame.

  • Accountability achieved via weekly updates, unlimited email / text support 

  • Expert advice that is realistic, practical and works for you.
  • Bespoke tools and resources developed for you to help you with any challenges and make your transformation as easy for you as possible.

This is for you if:

  • You are confident about your own capabilities to do some work independently

  • You are keen to nip things in the bud

  • You are self motivated

  • You are ready to put in the necessary effort

  • You are committed to making it happen

  • You are open and ready to make changes to your current habits

  • You are coachable

  • You want to feel empowered with the right information and in control of your body

  • You want to enjoy life and all that it offers

This is not for you if:

  • You know you need a significant amount of hand holding and support (a more intensive and longer term approach may be preferable)

  • You are looking to establish numerous new, long term habits (a longer term plan may be more appropriate)

  • You are not willing to invest in yourself

  • You want to lose more than 10lb’s in a month

  • You are not open to being coached

  • You don’t want to be held accountable

  • You can’t commit to taking action