Kick Start

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Is it just an age thing? Since you hit 40 something you’ve noticed it's starting to get tricky.

You're aware you can’t get away with eating or drinking the amounts you used to. You feel more tired. You're starting to have second thoughts about your food choices and wondering what the consequences will be. You feel confused about whether you should be having more protein, less carbs, more or less fat? Why is it so hard to lose weight and why is your shape changing?

Does this sound familiar?

What you need is a fresh start! But NOT do what you've always done. You need an expert voice on your shoulder to say hey, THIS is what you need to do….

How can I help?

You get complete clarity on where you are right now and why.

I assess your diet and give you advice and support that meets YOUR individual requirements. No generic plans, no one size fits all.

I help you start making the right changes and get off the plateau.

I restore your focus.

I help you strengthen your mindset and attitude to your health.

I help you work through and overcome your challenges. I am also the one that holds you accountable.

I provide all the tools you need to be successful.

Every programme is bespoke but typically I cover the following

  • Link directly what you are doing now (your food, drink, sleep and stress) to how you are feeling and thinking.
  • Examine your eating pattern and food preferences.
  • Determine YOUR unique nutritional requirements and explain how you meet them.
  • Teach you the right foods to eat and most importantly HOW to include them in your diet and successfully make the changes you need to.
  • Teach you to know your own appetite and hunger cues so you take back control of your eating.

  • Deal with negative self talk and self sabotage
  • Set realistic goals - not just the big ones but the mini milestones and weekly targets that keep you on track.

How we can work together

I work intensively with my private clients. This shorter programme provides the perfect kick start you need to get back on track again or simply want to see what it's like working with me. It is very focused and precisely tailored to your individual needs.


I don't do quick fixes. I use a non-diet approach that will lead to long term change. This means I don't recommend any approach that is restrictive or unnecessarily eliminates food groups. The last thing I want to want to do is create any negative emotions around food, make you feel unwell or put you at risk of any nutritional deficiencies. Your health comes first. Always.

I will ask you to complete a food diary for me so that can assess your current diet. Using the latest (professional) dietary analysis software I will identify the areas of your diet that you change so you can hit your targets and goals quickly.

We will also go hrough your health and medical history, identify the areas you need help with most and ensure I give you safe and appropriate advice.

You will receive a comprehensive dietary report identifying your nutrient imbalances and the clear steps you need to follow. A tailored action plan is designed to work for you and fit around your commitments.

We begin with an extended consultation where we look to face your most difficult challenges head on. Ideally we will meet in person for this but location is not an issue with online coaching.

I offer Lorisian food intolerance testing and support through exclusion diets if necessary.

I provide continuous support, direction and encouragement in addition to my expert advice that is realistic, practical and achievable.

A Kick Start programme will typically last 6 weeks and may look something like this:

Week 1: Preparatory work - health assessment and questionnaire. Completion and submission of 5 day food diary.

Week 2: Dietary assessment (analysis takes 7 days)

Week 3: Extended consultation; explanation of personalised dietary assessment report, goal setting and action plan agreed

Week 4, 5 & 6: Consultations 2, 3 and 4; Review of agreed daily and weekly actions, discussion of what worked, what didn't and deciding on next steps. Receive relevant information guides (everything you need to know about protein, fat, sugar etc), explainer videos, recipes, help with meal planning and ultimately get you DOING what you need to do! Continuous support is available in-between sessions.

I can coach online which makes the best use of your time, especially when you might be struggling to find the time to fit everything in. I offer video sessions so no need to travel, with daytime, evening and weekend options available. You decide which mode suits you best.

Before you need to do anything else, book in a free, no obligation discovery call and tell me what you want to achieve. Simply click Let's Talk below:

    What you get

    • 1 x Initial Call to Kick-start consultation (60-90mins) Week 1
    • 3 x 1:1 consultations (60mins each) Weeks 2, 3, 4.
    • Choice of face to face and online (video call) sessions (location depending)
    • Access to my private online client platform and use of accompanying free app
      • Ability to log foods, journal and chat with me wherever you are. 
      • I monitor your actions and progress and help in real time.
      • Unlimited email / message support. I am your pocket nutritionist!
      • Accountability so you do what you say you will!
    • Personalised Dietary Assessment to receive a bespoke nutrition report and action plan
      • To identify any nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
      • That tells you not only what to do but HOW to make changes
      • Together we set realistic goals and milestones to ensure you achieve what you intend!
    • Food intolerance testing (additional cost but includes a free consult with it)
    • An intensive all-inclusive package designed to get you moving in the right direction, reset your drive, remove your blocks and revive your health
    • Receive meal ideas and all the tools you need to help you establish routines that work
    • Get clear on what good nutrition means for you, what and how to include the right foods in your diet.
    • Expert advice that is realistic, practical and works for you
    • Suitable for individuals and families who want to get back on track
    • Prefer to pay in installments? Yes you can do that.

    Thinking 4 sessions might not be enough? Ask me about my 8 session package (£800)

    You can book in a no obligation FREE 30 minute Discovery Call right now to find out how I can help you. Just click BOOK NOW

    This is for you if:

    • You are confident about your own capabilities and are willing to take some responsibility for your actions (hold yourself accountable too!)

    • You are keen to take actions to start making changes NOW
    • You are committed to making it happen

    • You are open and ready to make changes to your current habits
    • You want to feel empowered with the right information and in control of your body

    • You want to enjoy life and all that it offers

    This is not for you if:

    • You know you need a significant amount of hand holding and support (a more intensive and longer term approach may be preferable)

    • You are looking to establish multiple, new and long term habits (a longer term plan may be more appropriate)

    • You are not willing to invest in yourself

    • You want to lose a stone in a month
    • You are not ready to be honest with yourself

    • You can’t commit to taking action


    What are you waiting for..........................?