Food Truce

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 How would it feel if you could …..
  • Stop worrying about what you should and should't eat?
  • Make peace with food so it no longer rules your life?
  • STOP eating when you feel comfortably full?
  • Quit obsessing about calories, weight and clothes sizes?
  • Find the right weight for you; at which you feel the most healthy and happy?
  • Eat without guilt and resentment?

This is why I've created Food Truce, a programme that stops the food fight in your head. You no longer have to make food your enemy, you CAN rid yourself of the diet mentality that rules your life - the one that tells you what to eat, what to weigh, makes you feel worthless and is impossible to maintain anyway.

Food Truce that will transform your life in just 10 weeks.


Learn how to

Reject the diet mentality. This is critical to finding inner peace. Nothing to do with Kung fu [panda] I promise but it's important to realise much of what you've read, watched and listened to about weight loss in the past was a lie. It gave you false hope and when you failed, they told you it was your fault. You will learn how dieting harms both your psychological and physical well-being. Challenge your beliefs and assumptions about what makes you healthy.

Honor your hunger aka eat when you're hungry. This may sound obvious but feeling hungry is so much more than a rumbling belly! I've worked with so many people who have gone to bed hungry and wondered why they couldn't sleep.  I'll give you tools to assess your own subjective hunger level. We will also start to explore how to find your last bite threshold (to prevent over eating) and help you get used to feeling comfortably full.

Make peace with food This is about letting go of food rules; to give yourself permission to have a particular food; that you don't need to rule out gluten, sugar, carbs or fat to get healthy. You will learn how to trust your body and yourself around food - a scary thought but a skill you can develop.

Challenge the food police Learn how to silence your inner bully - the one that says 'why did you eat that?' 'you know you can't have that!' 'you are weak'. Eating should be about pleasure not guilt! You can learn the power of self compassion, how to be non judgmental and get rid of those unhelpful, unreasonable rules.

Find Comfortable fulless Do you struggle to know when to stop eating before you bust your waistband and feel sick? Are your eyes bigger than your belly? Are you deaf to your body's hunger cues? Find out how to dial back in so you can respond to your body at the right time and create more pleasant eating experiences.

Find the Satisfaction Factor Carb free rice and bread and other diet foods will often leave you wanting more. You probably already know you will eat more of a product if it says low cal or sugar free. Learning what foods satisfy you as well as fill you up (these are very different things) can help you realise you don't need as much.

Cope with emotions without using food - anxiety, stress, boredom, loneliness, anger; we all experience these emotions in life but food won't fix them. If anything, eating for an emotional hunger will leave you feeling even worse. Learn the power of self care, compassion and nurture to cope with your emotions; fill your own toolbox with techniques that ensure food takes it's proper place - a source of nourishment and pleasure.

Body respect. Do you accept your body? like it? love it? or do you hate it? Comparing ourselves to others and having unrealistic expectations about what's possible to achieve creates disdain. Speaking to yourself in a harsh and critical tone only enhances our self criticism. Learning to treat your body with respect and kindness is vital if you are to truly reject the diet mentality and make the lifestyle changes you want to make.

Exercise The key to long term lifestyle change is to find things you enjoy. Viewing exercise as an opportunity to burn Calories is most likely to lead to demotivation, boredom and resentment. Here we explore your blocks to exercise and work on discovering activities you are more likely to enjoy and how you can make exercise a central and enjoyable part of your life

Life skills Upon reaching the end of the programme, you need to feel secure and confident you can cope with the every changing world of health and nutrition. Now that you have challenged the food police, made peace with food and rejected the diet mentality, you can now appreciate all food - there is no good and bad food so you can be more critical as a consumer and ignore the harmful and hyped up messages about eating you will no doubt continue to see.

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You'll Receive all of this:

Expert 1 on 1 coaching bespoke to YOU that will re-frame and transform your relationship with food AND yourself

Tailored advice that will empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence YOU need to feel in control of eating and your body again.

Exercises to help you explore and find YOUR barriers to success

Self assessment tools to help you track your progress.

Build your own personal toolkit that will equip you for life.

Your very own pocket nutritionist, ready to help you when you need it - get unlimited support via email / text in addition to your 10 weekly sessions

FREE assessment and review session at the end



This is for you if you........

  • Constantly think about your next meal
  • Skip meals
  • Weigh yourself frequently
  • Read blogs and websites about dieting and ‘thinspiration’
  • Automatically think how you can make a recipe healthier by lowering the fat, sugar or Calorie content
  • Stress about your food choices
  • Beat yourself up after 'over indulging'
  • Feel stuck in the eat-diet-repeat cycle
  • Feel the need to exercise more when you eat too much

This is not for you if.........

  • You are set on hitting a set weight
  • Are not open to different approaches (that don't involve weighing, counting calories or points)
  • You are not open to being coached
  • You don’t want to be held accountable
  • You can’t commit to taking action

So are you ready?!

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