Here's what my private clients have to say about working with me!

Isabel (January 2018) completed the 12 week transformation and this is what she had to say

Isabel is a teacher, working in a Midlands School with children who have learning disabilities.

The need for help

Q. What challenges were you facing?
  • I was frequently feeling tired and lacking in energy.
  • I often had IBS symptoms that appeared to be linked to food and anxieties.
  • I was finding it difficult to lose weight – although this only needed to be a few pounds – and keep it off.
Q. How was this affecting your life, health and relationships?
  • I found that I was often too tired to enjoy doing things with friends and family.
  • I found it hard to switch off from work; even when I wasn’t physically doing anything for work it was always there at the back of my mind.
  • IBS symptoms often flared up and made me feel under the weather.
  • I was continuing to take antidepressants.
Q. What was the greatest struggle for you?
  • Finding the energy to enjoy life properly.
Q. What might have happened if you did not get help?
  • I would have continued on the treadmill, my health and relationships would have suffered thus feeding the anxiety/depression – a vicious circle.

The decision process

Q. How did you hear about my services?

  • My husband told me about you and your business.  He had heard you speak and said that many of the health issues you described sounded similar to the way I was feeling.  He thought that I would be interested in what you offered through your business.
Q. What was most important to you when deciding if you would go ahead?
  • I wanted to improve the way I was feeling and, after reading the info on your website and the initial session with you, I felt that this was a good way forward.  What you said resonated with me; I felt that you really understood how I was feeling because of your own experiences as well as your professional background. I also liked the ‘sensible, there is no magic fix or formula approach’ which echoed the books and information I had been reading around nutrition and gut problems.  I felt that you could be the person to give me the impetus and guidance to actually do something.

The results

Q. How have you changed since working with me? Think of personal changes (e.g. knowledge, energy, mood, relationships), lifestyle changes (e.g. eating habits, sleep, exercise and self care)

  • I have become much more aware of how I am feeling both physically and mentally and more willing to admit to myself when things aren’t right, recognizing that I could/should do something to help myself rather than just plodding on feeling more and more down and resentful.
  • I think I have become kinder towards myself and now prioritise self-care rather than seeing it as something that I might do if I have time (and there was always something more important to do – or so I thought!)
  • I feel as though I have more energy and a zest for life now even though I still get tired; work can certainly sap me of energy most days but I feel as though I am more able to switch off and ruminate less.  Healthy nutrition adjustments have also helped keep me going
  • There are still nights when I have disturbed sleep but I now have greater awareness of how I can improve things
  • I have gradually, over the last three or four months, weaned myself off the antidepressants and so far my mood is still good.  The symptoms I had previously experienced have not returned (yet!)
  • I have coped with the stress of moving house remembering to practice what you have taught me about self-care; life in our new house and the new area is great so far.
  • Over Christmas I have ‘fallen of the wagon’ and many of my healthy eating habits have disappeared in a flurry of mince pies and chocolate.  However, rather than feeling down about the resulting (small) weight increase I know that I can get back on track – at the back of my mind I feel that you are there coaching me about what I can do about it now.
  • I am continuing to take the daily Vit D supplement and, having read more about the relationship between this vitamin and serotonin levels, wonder whether I am now feeling its effect and that it is contributing to my increased mood levels.  Thank you for identifying that my diet was low in this vitamin.
  • I have found and signed up to a pilates class which began last Thursday.  I am now intending to start exploring the local area on foot with regular walks.
  • I am making sure that I prioritise some time to do what I want each day and am enjoying not feeling guilty about it.
  • I am continuing to take the probiotic supplement and try to eat foods that will also feed the gut bacteria.
Q. What specific outcome are you most happy about/proud of?
  • Being more consciously aware of my needs and being able to address them so that I can slow down and enjoy life more.
Q. What was the greatest thing you have learned since working with me?
  • Probably the importance of putting myself first and adopting and prioritising a healthy attitude towards self-care
Q. Are there other benefits you gained that you didn’t realise you would gain from working with me?
  • Working with you has made me more aware that the symptoms I had experienced and sought your advice about were not just down to diet and nutrition.  You have made me think about my whole lifestyle and what is/is not important .
Q. Why would you recommend my services? 
  • I felt that you showed great empathy and understanding but gently and skillfully used coaching to help me realise that I could easily make small changes to my lifestyle that would have great impact.  I found you easy to talk to and appreciated your up-to-date nutritional knowledge. Your menu suggestions and plans were very useful and just right for me (and Rob!).
  • I feel that you have given me excellent and valuable advice and support that addressed the issues I consulted you about.
Q. Who do you think would be a perfect client for me?
  • Someone who is willing to accept a challenge and take responsibility (under your guidance) for making changes to address areas of difficulty; someone who is not looking for a quick ‘gimmicky’ fix to diet and weight loss.
Q. What is the one thing you would say to someone who is thinking of working with me?
  • It can be a very thought provoking and challenging experience but well worth it; no quick fixes but sound, knowledgeable advice and guidance presented in a way that encourages you to realise the changes you can make yourself.


Sarah (March 2018) also completed the 12 week transformation programme, on an extended framework of 5 months

Based in the West Midlands, Sarah is a professional graphic designer with over 31 years experience.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2012 and ow 6 years on I a lucky to have made it and survived.  It wasn't an easy journey with the treatment and daily drugs which were making me feel rubbish, left me with daily headaches and a complete lack of energy.

I was fortunate to meet Mel through BNI, a networking group. I was very impressed with her background and knowledge and decided to take out her 12 week transformation programme. I learnt how to understand the food I eat and how my body worked with that food. Mel did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels, introduced healthier things into my diet and take back control of my health, rather than it being the other way round.

I can honestly say I feel the best I have in 6 years. The support I have received from Mel has been nothing but amazing. Mel is the utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to everything she does. I am thrilled to say that I worked with her.

I started working with Mel back in July 2017 and to this day she is still there for me if ever I need her support. If you want to make a difference to your life then quite simply Wakeman Nutrition is a no brainer!