Here's what some of my clients say about working with me!


"Mel, you're the reason I could go around France dressed in a way that made me happy and not think about my body. People comment now on how happy I look. I have zero food guilt (for the first time in a LONG time). You are such an excellent listener and provide such timely, person-centred advice and guidance whilst relieving my stress - it has been a pleasure to work with you."


"I went from eating 10 basic ingredients in my meals to a much great variety of food thanks to Mel who helped me to understand my body better and overcome my fears. I used to have a very sensitive gut and I was scared all the time to try new foods due to the possible reactions of my gut and mind.
Following Mel’s advice, mostly related to hearing, feeling and understanding the signs, I reintroduced new foods, tried new ones and modified my diet. She helped me to get the vitamins and minerals that I wasn’t getting before, just because of all the food I used to exclude from my diet. That gentle approach to food, to nutrition, to connect with your body, supported in science is a great combination that anyone could benefit from. Thanks Mel, our conversations and all that I learned changed my life."


"I first contacted Mel for a different approach with a nutritionist as I had had a few disappointing experiences in the past. From the start I felt that this would be a completely different journey for me and in fact not only was it truly eye-opening but also extremely helpful at really looking at all the different components of my eating habits, relationship with food, emotional triggers, my general health and general consciousness regarding my nutrition and eating patterns. I gained so much self awareness, self compassion, positivity and self confidence.

I no longer feel stranded and misunderstood. I always felt that Mel was really listening and hearing me with my obstacles and needs and she was able to guide me step by step with very helpful strategies in all areas of my life affecting my nutrition. The best part was really helping me achieve major breakthroughs I never imaged I would achieve along that journey, and one thing has led to another taking me to a place where I feel so much more calm, aware, strong and able to manage not only my nutrition but my general health from a 360 degree point of view. It has also opened me up to new paths of healing that I never even knew existed. I am so grateful to her for this amazing, compassionate and insightful support. self compassion, positivity and self confidence."


"It has been a total pleasure to work with Mel over the past 3+ months, from the point when I’d contacted her in great despair predominantly because I felt that I needed to do something about my health. I weighed more than ever and I did not want to continue the same trajectory, but I just couldn’t see a positive way forward.

Mel explained that her approach is not about calorie-counting or diet regimes but about helping her client to understand themselves better to gain insight to the factors that contribute to dysfunctional eating. And that as individuals our body mass and shape will differ, even in robust good health, so the scales should not be the arbiter of what is right for each of us.

Together we explored my emotional and psychological landscape through weekly online dialogue and related exercises/reflections that helped me to see how I had reached my point of ‘overwhelm’.

With greater self-awareness of the underlying issues, I was then able to utilise the tools that Mel shared to effectively prioritise myself with the demands of personal and professional life. This has helped me to approach eating and drinking much more thoughtfully than ever I have done in the past as a yo-yo dieter.

Mel is a beautiful person, in every meaning of the word, and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs to re-set their life compass and move forward in a positively healthy way. I look forward to continuing my journey with Mel"


"I reached out to Mel in July 2021. At 56 I realised that I had probably had Binge Eating Disorder for about 30 years and I was in desperate need of help to address my disordered relationship with food. I was at rock bottom: I had been in a binge/restrict cycle for all those years; I did not know when I was hungry, nor when I was full; I used food to silence feelings of sadness, depression and stress; I only exercised if on a diet; I was concerned about my blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes and I was unhappy with my appearance. Fundamentally, my mind was completely disconnected from my body. Step by step – and with great kindness and gentleness shown by Mel – I have begun to address the issues that have adversely affected my life. Mel has given me tools that are enabling me to work through all the issues I have around food, body image and exercise. The work needed to do this can be very tough at times and takes a lot of personal commitment. Working with Mel has made it easier; she is very understanding, compassionate and completely non-judgmental. I would not have got this far on my journey without her. 

I still have work to do and am moving forward now feeling hopeful and much happier in my own skin. My relationship with food is better; I listen to what my body needs and I nourish and care for it every day without resorting to the diets that have blighted my life. I feel more settled and content than I have for a long time. Last, but by no means least, my blood results and blood pressure have improved over this period.

As 2022 dawns, I am so relieved to be on a steady, peaceful path that does not involve food restriction but does include eating – and enjoying – a wide range of foods that satisfy; regular, enjoyable exercise; regular “checking in” with my feelings and just enjoying life and myself much more. I would urge anyone with similar issues to take that first step and have a chat with Mel."



"Mel is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom which she is happy to share with anyone who is ready to listen. She presents it with humour whilst at the core of her material, there is a strong evidence base from both the literature along with her personal and professional experience and journey over many years. She presents a ton of free seminars and the ongoing pandemic effects have done little to dampen her pace. I have worked with her over more than a year on a 1:1 basis and if you are looking for some more intense work I have found her help invaluable. Her attitude of working with compassion is welcomed in what is a difficult field when we ourselves, never mind social media and society are so quick to judge and condemn."


Mel is an absolute legend,. After years of punishing myself trying to conform to the diet industry belief that 'thin is healthy', imagine my joy at discovering Mel's refreshing and liberating approach to food and body image. I was already on a path to appreciating my body and ditching the guilt over certain foods, but Mel is helping me fill in the gaps where I am still a bit wobbly and catch myself trying to revert back to familiar 'diet' patterns. Thanks Mel.