I know what it's like to feel out of your depth when trying to help your clients / patients successfully navigate their emotions around food and their body. Especially in a World that is painfully fat phobic and ignorant of what eating disorders can look like, or why they manifest.


Supervision is essential in saving us from burnout and improving the quality and effectiveness of the care we provide to our patients /clients.

It gives you space to be heard, to reflect, verbalise and process and to develop your knowledge and practice in a safe, client-centered way. 

It means we can better manage the voice that can pop up unexpectedly with "why did you say that" or anything that might infer you're not good enough at this job.

It also allows us to navigate the daily challenges working in a practice brings - from supporting ourselves emotionally, to determining how we want to work....and all the shoulds, coulds and doubts that can tag along!

The bottom line is, everyone should have access to supervision. 

Which is why I have teamed up with my wonderful friend, colleague and co-supervisor, Jessica Cadbury. Together we are bringing you a regular group supervision session. 

We will be holding a safe, judgement free space (online) for just 10 people each month, where we can share our insight and wisdom. 

We invite you to bring your cases, questions, imposter syndrome 'buddy' and musings.

Receive the support, advice & guidance you need to build your confidence and competence in this work:

  • Develop your knowledge of eating disorders and dietary support.
  • Learn how to talk with your clients / patients about their beliefs, feelings and experiences around food.
  • Explore what to say to your clients when they’re feeling stuck, shut down or activated. 
  • Learn how to include and use non-diet, weight inclusive language.
  • Share tools and resources
  • Other areas we might discuss include widening your scope of practice, client advocacy, evidence base vs patient centered care, weight stigma, new research and media news.
  • Meet other professionals, build your referral network, make friends, feel less alone
  • And last BUT NOT LEAST, Work on identifying and meeting your own needs too – creating an effective self-care practice and what to do if you find yourself triggered.


Meet Jess!

Hello! I am a certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and HAES® nutritional therapist, and I'm passionate about helping folks make peace with food through healing their disordered relationship with eating, and connecting to their body's inner wisdom and knowledge.

I have been working in the non-diet field for 6 years, and have had the privilege of working with many amazing clients from varying backgrounds and in lots of different sized bodies.

I believe that as nutritional practitioners / health care-providers, we have a duty to treat everyone with respect and dignity, and to work to empower individuals to make healthful choices '(should they wish to!) rather than tell them what they "should" or "shouldn't" be eating/doing.

I'm really excited to be bringing my experience in this field to these sessions :)


This supervision is for practitioners who want to develop their understanding and confidence when working with clients / patients who present with body dissatisfaction, disordered eating or eating disorders. If you are a therapist, counsellor, nutritionist, nutritional therapist, dietitian, nurse or GP, this is for you.


Supervision sessions will be held on the second Thursday every month, starting on Thursday 8th June. They are 90 minutes long.


1 x 90minute session is £120

Book 3 (for £300) and save £60

You are getting 2 awesome brains and 12+ years of eating disorder work (with another 22+ years of nutrition and physiology knowledge)


Click THIS LINK and choose either a single or 3-session bundle.

Once paid, you can choose and book your preferred dates (each booking is valid for 6 months). It is easy to reschedule or cancel if needed.

Any questions, you can get in touch here, or email me directly at


I'm Mel Wakeman. I help folk who feel anxious, guilty and ashamed around food and their body. I help them find the calm, headspace and confidence they need to live the life they want and deserve. My clients come to me to break free from chronic dieting or recover from distressed eating or eating disorders. When trauma and discrimination have taken their toll, I help them find safety so they can restore trust in their body.

I have been doing this work since 2017, when I started Wakeman Nutrition. Prior to this, I spent 22 years as a senior lecturer in nutrition and applied physiology, in higher education. The lack of education around eating disorders and the amount of weight discrimination I observed was horrifying. So I took it upon myself to go make a difference.

I am Autistic, ADHD (late diagnosed) and am recovered from atypical anorexia. I am on a mission to support other professionals in learning how to work with, better support and advocate for our neurodivergent clients.