Private Coaching


If you feel exhausted by the perpetual thoughts about food and self loathing, are stuck in the restrict-binge cycle and feel no-one understands you, I see you.

The difficult emotions of guilt, shame, anger and fear are sitting behind your struggle. They feel too much. So you try to bury them deeper. Which only leads to more distress and the vicious cycle deepens.

Your body becomes the brunt of your disappointment, creating further disconnect and more negative feelings about who you are and how you look.

The harsh reality is that you can’t continue to abuse your body in this way. Even if you hate the way your look, you are worthy of feeling healthy and happy.

So this is where I come in.

How I can help?

We take the path together. I work intensively with my private clients. You get continuous support that gently guides you to a place of safety. From there we start to explore the root causes of your feelings and emotions and put into place a framework to help you re-write your future story. 

You'll gain understanding of your journey so far and learn how to restore trust and confidence in your body and food, with compassion. To be blunt, without working on how you think about food and see yourself, you won't change your eating behaviours. So we focus on physical and emotional nourishment not restriction.

I don't just focus on the food.

Food may feel scary but your food choices are influenced by so much more than just how hungry you are and how much willpower you think you have. [Willpower doesn't exist by the way but I'll get to that later].

We explore your beliefs and feelings around food, how you talk to yourself because the likelihood is, your inner voice is judgmental and critical which is stopping you from moving forward. 

I am incredibly privileged to get to know my private clients. To really know you. To understand what's most important to you and what you want recovery to look like. I can enable you to create the life you want and deserve.

I help you heal

I am the friendly voice on you shoulder, helping you work through and overcome your obstacles but also the one that gently holds you accountable.

I focus on the HOW - working with Me is not just about what to do, it's about how to make the shifts that lead to thriving, not just surviving.

I can do this because I have more than 20 years experience in this field. Helping folk with binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, anorexia and OSFED, find peace and freedom. I am also neurodivergent friendly.

Curious? Book a no obligation 30 Mins with Mel to find out how I can help you. It's free too. Just click LET'S TALK

What does working to heal your relationship with food and your body look like?

  • FULL ACCESS to Mel Wakeman with continuous guidance and hand holding in real time
    • 1-1 private coaching sessions on zoom with Mel each week (or fortnight)
    • ALL the tools, resources and help you need to build your knowledge, understanding and approach to recovery.
    • Gentle accountability.
      • FLEXIBLE this work fits around you.  You can book in your sessions at a time that suits you and change their frequency as needed.
      • COMMITTED I'm there for you, for as long as it takes. You will NOT be abandoned
      • PERSONALISED. You will be seen and heard. Your lived experience matters more than evidence based approaches to health and nutrition.
      • DIP YOUR TOE IN APPROACH Recovery brings hope, possibility and fear. I'm not going to ask you to commit to 6 or even 3 months work when beginning is a big enough deal. Choose pay as you go sessions (£115) or block book 4 sessions at a time (pay £450 up front and get a fifth session free) to see how you go and carry on as and when you need / want to.

        This is for you if:

          • You feel unsure about what foods you 'should' and 'shouldn't' eat
          • You're tired of constantly thinking about your next snack or meal; when is it? what should it be? Is it healthy enough?
          • Food triggers you
          • You feel compelled to weigh yourself
          • You eat your feelings
          • You feel out of control when you eat
          • You eat in secret
          • You beat yourself up after eating
          • You hate looking at yourself in the mirror
          • Your GP is crap at giving any useful advice and refuses to see you as the human you are.
          • You've been palmed off by so-called experts who can only advise 'just lose weight' or say you're not sick enough.
          • You feel stuck and terrified at the same time
          • You want to enjoy life and all that it can offer but feel scared about your future health (when you allow yourself to think about it)


          In 30 minutes I'll explain exactly how you can begin your journey in a way that feels safe for you.

          Or email me your enquiry at