Private Coaching


Imagine having your own expert nutritionist, that is there for YOU. That you can access anytime you need...

She helps you put yourself first because you can't do it on your own. For a whole host of reasons, you've slipped which has opened up a catalogue of problems.

Your eating is all over the place and you're on the go pretty much all day. You are torn between feeling shattered most of the time but wanting to do better and to be a better role model. Do you feel guilty for not doing better?

The harsh reality is that you can’t continue to abuse your body in this way. Even if you hate the way your look, you are worthy of feeling healthy and happy.

The risks of burnout and getting ill are very real. It doesn’t just happen to someone else, it can happen to you and scary as it can be, facing your health problems head on is the only way to overcome them.

So this is where I come in.

How I can help?

We sort everything out together. I work intensively with my private clients. You get continuous support that helps you stay focused. We eat the frog and deal with all that stuff you don't want to. 

You get you 100% clear on your body. To meet ALL of your nutritional and health needs AND to help you create the right eating mindset. To be blunt, without working on how you think about food and feel about yourself, you won't change your eating habits. So we focus on physical AND emotional nourishment not restriction


I don’t do diets and I don't do quick fixes. Because they cause more harm than good and I'm not here to earn off your insecurities and doubts.


Food may be at the centre of your universe (and mine too to be honest!) but your food choices are influenced by so much more than just how hungry you are. I bet you are not even aware of many of them.  

We explore everything - what you eat and why you eat. How you feel about eating. And you: your work-life balance (or lack of), stress levels, exercise habits (or desires), sleep and self care. I don't mean getting a massage or meditating (although of course these can help).

I'm talking how you meet your emotional and physical needs. How good are you at setting boundaries and managing your relationships? Because all these factors are inextricably linked. You simply can’t to work on one without the other.

We also tackle your limiting beliefs and how you talk to yourself because the likelihood is, you are getting in your own way. 

I am incredibly privileged to get to know my private clients. To really know them. To understand what's most important to them, what their life involves and therefore I can enable them to create the change and the life they want.

I find out what makes you tick. I help you find the foods you like that suit you best, to meet YOUR needs. Thus is vital if you are managing food intolerances, allergies, have digestive or metabolic problems.

I help you heal

I am the friendly voice on you shoulder, helping you work through and overcome your obstacles but also the one that holds you accountable.

I focus on the HOW - coaching with Mel is not just about what to do, it's about how to make sustainable changes that work for you

I can do this because I have 23 years experience working as a senior lecturer in nutrition and physiology. That's 23 years of teaching nurses, paramedics and midwives about health and disease and how to eat to support your body. 23 years of helping people like you find themselves.

Curious? Book your no obligation FREE 30 minute 30 Mins with Mel to find out how I can help you. Just click LET'S TALK

What's included in this all-inclusive package designed to heal your relationship with food and yourself.

  • Full access to Mel Wakeman - continuous guidance and hand holding 
    • 1-1 private coaching sessions with Mel each week (or fortnight)
    • ALL the tools, help and resources you need to build your knowledge, understanding and confidence.
  • Access to my private online client platform 
    • Ability to log food, drink, activity, mood plus additional tailored metrics
    • Receive continuous guidance. I monitor your actions support you in real time.
    • Unlimited email / message support. I am your pocket nutritionist!
    • Accountability (via nudging or a kick up the back side - you choose!) so you do what you say you will!
  • Personalised Diet Assessment
    • Receive a bespoke nutrition report and action plan that identifies nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
    • Practical guidance is at the core
    • We mutually agree realistic goals and milestones to ensure you achieve what you intend!
    • I review and re-assess your diet to illustrate the improvements you have made. You will SEE your PROGRESS!
    • A flexible programme that fits around your commitments - go for weekly sessions in the 3 month intensive or spread the programme over 6 months and go for fortnightly coaching.
    • We get the work done and I'm always there. You will NOT be abandoned!
    • A focus on your mindset. Because at the end of the day, this will be why you're still stuck We will uncover your subconscious food rules, limiting beliefs and self-critical thoughts that sabotage your motivation and body confidence
    • Each package is bespoke. I work to budget too, so just ask if you need help.

      This is for you if:

        • You feel unsure about what foods you 'should' and 'shouldn't' have
        • You are trying to manage existing health conditions
        • You eat your feelings
        • Eat in secret
        • You feel your eating is out of control. And so is your body
        • You hate looking at yourself in the mirror
        • Your GP is rubbish at giving any useful advice
        • You've been palmed off by other 'health professionals' who can only advice you to 'just lose weight'
        • You're tired of constantly thinking about your next snack or meal; when is it? what should it be? Is it healthy enough?
        • You beat yourself up after 'over indulging'
        • Feel stuck in the eat-diet-repeat cycle
        • You want to enjoy life and all that it offer but feel scared about your future health (when you allow yourself to think about it)
        • You would like to live longer!

        This is not for you if:

        • You are not willing to invest in yourself.
        • Your focus is solely on weight loss
        • You are not open to doing things differently
        • You can’t commit to taking action.

        In 30 minutes I'll explain exactly how you can start taking the right action. You’ll receive a personal insight to what WILL work for YOU.