Well-being at Work


Your employees are your most valuable asset; their health and well-being is central to your organisation's success.

Without healthy and happy employees, your business will not achieve it's true potential, at worst it will fail.

Do any of your employees struggle with any of the following:

Overweight and obesity? (actually I use the phrase people being in bigger bodies)
Recurrent colds and other minor illness?
Menopause symptoms
Neck, low back pain or other musculo-skeletal complaints?
Fatigue and loss of concentration?
Stress, depression or anxiety?
Long term conditions (managing diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis)?

    Any of these issues can lead to a loss of staff engagement, morale, motivation and productivity. This in turn costs your organisation through the increased associated costs of absenteeism, presenteesim and staff turnover.  Sickness absence can make up ~9% of an organisation's annual costs. With more workers managing chronic conditions this group contributes the highest sickness absence rate across all groups. 

    Are you confident you are supporting your staff health and well-being as much as you can?

    It's wishful thinking to assume that good employees can be replaced. That employee carries an added value that is often overlooked: not only the extensive experience and deep institutional knowledge, product, systems, and process knowledge. The client relationships they have built over many years, the camaraderie and influence with their coworkers. Lose that employee and your corporate culture and identity is affected.

    A workplace health and well being initiative will help you optimise the work environment and develop a culture that allows you to attract and keep the best talent.  

    I offer bespoke workplace health programmes that are designed to meet the needs of your employees. Ask me to build you a bespoke business case and I pretty much guarantee you will be amazed at the potential costs savings I will show you.

    If you would like to talk to me about any of the above or following, please get in touch via the form below to arrange a discovery meeting.

    • Health awareness taster days and events
    • One-off presentations
    • Learning Lunches
    • Healthy eating course
    • Eat right, sleep well, achieve more
    • Mindless Eating
    • Managing stress without eating your feelings
    • Lifestyle, diet and menopause
    • Mood Foods
    • Webinars


    Benefits for employees

    • Increased awareness and understanding of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, low mood and musculoskeletal disorders; their impact and prevention
    • Understanding of the impact of stress and anxiety on health with strategies to combat / manage stress
    • Reduced risk of headaches, fatigue and mood swings
    • Understanding the impact of poor dietary choices on health plus strategies to eat healthier and improve eating habits
    • Ability to combat mid-afternoon slump and lags in energy
    • Greater continuity of focus and concentration
    • Stronger immunity and ability to fight off infections
    • Understanding the impact of sleep deprivation on health plus strategies to improve sleep quality.
    • Reduced need for caffeine and or alcohol
    • Reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, low mood and musculoskeletal disorders
    • Reduced likelihood of and faster recovery from illness
    • Greater camaraderie
    • Increased trust
    • Improved communication
    • Improved teamwork and collaboration
    • Greater mood and motivation
    • Higher morale
    • Increased desire for self challenge
    • Increased get up and go
    • Improved concentration, focus and attention whilst working
    • Less time to be busy being busy
    • Less time on social media
    • Greater sense of satisfaction and purpose
    • Greater self esteem and confidence
    • Increased creativity
    • Improved morale and job satisfaction in the workplace
    • Reduced non-genuine sickness absence
    • 40% happier and healthier staff! 

    Benefits for employers

      • 27% reduction in absenteeism
      • Reduced risk of minor and recurrent illness, back pain, other musculoskeletal pain, anxiety, depression and time for medical attention
        • Faster return to work following absence
        • Improved employee reliability
        • Reduced lateness
        • Improved workload management
        • Greater ability to respond more effectively to short term stress and pressure
          • Reduced presenteeism [attending work whilst unwell] and associated costs which are estimated x2.5 the costs of absenteeism
          • Increased employee engagement and job satisfaction
          • 30% Increased employee morale and productivity
          • Improved communication
          • Improved customer metrics
          • Reduced employee turnover; lower rates of early retirement due to ill health and greater staff retention
          • Lower advertising and training costs
          • Improved CSR
          • Stronger bottom line


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