Are you ready to become the CEO of Your Health?

I’m guessing you are reading this because you are ready to start something…

Until now you’re lifestyle suited you well. But times change and now you recognise you can’t get away with doing the same as you always did.

You feel stuck and the clock is ticking.

But you’re not exactly sure what you are doing wrong and you’re not sure where to begin?

As Henry Ford famously said:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

So why not try a different approach?

But you have tried. Really tried! So many times but it’s not working... again! You are back where you started and it’s so frustrating!! This is NOT a reflection on you! I genuinely believe that eating healthily is one of THE hardest challenges today; we live in a society that doesn’t stop.

We work long hours and life is stressful. There is so much to do and never enough TIME! Junk food gets shoved under our noses……constantly. Our high streets are FULL of fast food outlets, we are constantly reminded that we can order food to fill our boots without even moving off the sofa. 24hrs a day. 7 days a week.

So I get it that making the healthy choice can often be the most challenging choice. There isn’t a one size fits all diet which is why all the books you have ever read, programmes you’ve ever tried and people you have spoken to haven’t helped. I work differently to most nutritionists out there.

Is this you?

  • You feel tired most of the time. You think you mostly eat the right foods but can’t understand why you have so little energy.

  • Life is hectic, you have work and family to think about and you don’t want food to be complicated.

  • You’ve done the research and read most of the World Wide Web. Cutting out carbs and bread just leaves you hungry and grumpy and you’re still bloated.

  • In fact you’ve done fat free, wheat free, 5:2 and paleo. You’ve tried living on lettuce and about 15 juice diets. You name it you’ve got the T-shirt….but they didn’t work.

  • You hate that squidgy bulge at the top of your trousers.

  • You hate having your picture taken.

  • Your joints are starting to bear the brunt.

  • You daren’t tell anyone you are genuinely worried about getting older and getting fatter. 

  • You fear people will judge you.

  • You know you are entering a vicious cycle. The longer you leave it the harder it becomes.

  • Getting to the gym is filling you with dread. You worry about failing.

  • One of your best mates has lost several stone recently so WHY can’t you?

  • You know something has to change because getting old and ill is not an option.

I understand and I speak to so many people who are in your situation on a daily basis.
If this resonates with you, then here’s what I know about you already.
  • You are serious about your health

  • You are determined

  • You are passionate about what you do

  • You don’t have to accept getting older

  • You can change habits

  • The only thing stopping you is YOU

I have the right nutrition qualifications plus 20+ years experience working in the health and education sectors providing tailored dietary advice and support.

Imagine if you...

  • Felt strong, healthy and alive!

  • Added years to your life to enjoy precious time with your children.

  • Felt empowered. A great role model to your family and work colleagues. 

  • A better leader.

  • Had more positive energy and confidence.

  • Reduced your risk of a heart attack or developing diabetes.

  • Have a hold over your stress levels.

  • Accepted the importance of why you must put yourself at the top of the to do list NOW. Before its too late.

  • Felt and looked powerful in your best suit whilst in meetings.


What will happen if you do nothing? Nothing will change.

What does that really mean for you?

Staying the same means getting stuck with the same results.

This is about investing in yourself – if you aren’t looking after yourself, how can you be in control of your life, never mind look after anybody else?

So if you have no more excuses and you WANT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN book into a FREE 30 minutes call with Mel NOW 

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