About Mel

Hi! My I'm Mel

I’m a proper nutritionist; a registered one. Not just someone who calls themselves a nutritionist after reading a few books and doing a £15 online course. 

I've worked in nutrition for my entire career; my first lecturing position began in 1997, my last was in 2017. And then I went solo. 
I've gone from teaching the A, B, C's of vitamins and minerals to nutrition students, to advising competitive athletes and working with organisations as they look to implement inclusive health policies. And a lot of stuff in between.
I've done A LOT of media work as an expert commenter which has taken me to the BBC World Service, Radio 5 Live, BBC Breakfast, ITV and numerous newspapers and magazines.
But the thing I'm most passionate about? Helping folk heal their relationships with food and their body.

Because I spent a big chunk of my life hating my body and being afraid to eat. Over the years I've avoided food, couldn't give a toss about it and loved it. It was my best friend and my worst enemy. It had so much power over me at times, usually when I tried to control it most. And that wasn't healthy. Also that's quite hard to admit when the assumption exists that nutritionists have it all sussed. We don't!
My experiences growing up fed my interest in how we behave around food. Feeling I didn't fit in, family break-ups, difficult relationships...and since having my own family and coming up against the expectations adn pressures first hand; raising children in an image obsessed society that is swimming in diet culture, where everyone has an opinion on what you do.


I am telling you this because (a) I am human and (b) not perfect 

You can read MY STORY  where I share some of my experiences around food and eating.

Now I specialise in disordered eating and eating disorder recovery and body image healing, using non diet nutrition and counseling. I help folk who find food difficult and stressful; who feel guilt and shame after eating; who feel all consumed by the idea of eating and intrusive thoughts.

My work is online and I support clients on a 1-1 basis and occasionally run small group programmes.  I also provide professional supervision for other practicing nutritionists and therapists.

I have a strong sense of social justice. And I am not afraid to speak up or have a rant. It's not unusual for me to be calling out the diet industry, snake oil sellers, unsolicited advice and weight stigma. Inclusion is one of my core values and is key when supporting folk on their health journeys. 

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