About Mel

Hi! My name is Mel Wakeman. I’m a Registered Nutritionist. Not just someone that calls themselves a nutritionist after reading a few books and doing a £15 online course.  I've had a lifetime passion for nutrition and health which explains why I have spent 26 years studying and teaching it!

I have been working in the field of health since 1996 after completing my Masters in Nutrition; I started my first lecturing position (nutrition and exercise physiology) in London and then made the decision to leave the big city to continue my lecturing career in arguably Britain’s second (but best) City, Birmingham as a senior lecturer in nutrition and applied physiology. Coaching, mentoring and helping others succeed has always been my focus and still remains the most rewarding part of my work by far.

I am definitely a foodie and very family orientated, particularly since starting my own family 6 years ago. I am also a great mum and wife, taxi driver, cleaner, organiser, counselor and peace keeper, you get the drift. Like many of you, I juggle a lot of balls every day!
My personal experiences have fed my passion and interest in child nutrition and it has also given me invaluable insight into family life – the work pressures, multiple commitments and stresses of looking after yourself as well as everyone else!

For many of us, work can be stressful and not only have I experienced a time in my life where I controlled my food to the extreme but I have also experienced times when the impossible struggles of holding a professional career, with unmanageable pressures whist jugging family life and all that entails lead me to burnout. Twice.


I am telling you this because (a) I am human too and (b) life experiences teach you a huge amount and I fully appreciate and understand the difficulties some of my clients may have gone through too.

I work with private clients on a 1-1 basis, helping them shift their unhealthy habits by creating more a positive and healthy lifestyle. Food is often at the core of the work that I do but of course our stress levels, sleep quality, plates we spin, mood and motivation all influence our food choices and other health behaviours. So I can help my clients with all of these.

I work with clients who need support with digestive problems, fatigue, type 2 diabetes, hormone imbalances, menopause and finding a healthy weight at which they feel happy.

I also work with businesses; helping them initiate or develop an effective well-being strategy in the workplace. Whether this is to combat absenteeism, reduce presenteesim, increase happiness, engagement and productivity, I help organisations think outside the box to increased staff buy-in.

Workplace health is more than a tick box exercise and so much more than free fruit and a subsidised gym membership. 

Believe it or not, my life experiences are equally valuable in informing my advice as the years spent gaining professional qualifications.

You can read MY STORY  where I share some of my experiences around food and eating.

Hence my approach is very down to earth and realistic – I don’t advise or recommend something I haven’t done or tried myself! It is vital I engage with my clients to get a clear understanding of what they need and want, not what they feel expected to do.
I’m incredibly passionate about communicating the importance of good nutrition towards positive health and wellness. My aim is to provide exceptional support, helping you overcome your personal barriers to change; to enable you to make healthier choices more easily. I also regularly comment for the press, radio and TV (ITV and BBC) as a nutrition expert. Maybe you’ve heard me or seen me about!

My advice is always evidence based; I don’t do pseudoscience, which unfortunately has invaded much of what we read in the media. I am also human! I am not a preacher of ‘you must eat this and you can’t eat that’. I myself have a sweet tooth and I believe you can’t truly enjoy a cuppa without a good dunking biscuit!


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