28 Days To A New You - Reset, Refocus and Revitalise


How would you love to see your future self?

Imagine having a balanced, healthy relationship with food and your body

.Imagine having the energy to take on the World, to achieve without overwhelm or exhaustion.

 Imagine feeling valued and confident.

 Just 28 days is all it takes to create the shift you need to make real change happen.

.Make this November your magical month and start living the fulfilled life you desire and deserve.


We begin on the 6th November

Come with us on a wonderful journey of self-exploration....

Through journaling, you will raise your self-awareness and identify exactly what is holding you back, set meaningful goals and most importantly take inspired action that is in alignment with you. 

With weekly expert coaching, you will be gently guided to discover your inner well of wisdom and resources. 

If you've ever told yourself that you finally need to get your act together, then this is for you.
Catch the early bird offer of just £97 before the price goes up to £127 on the 7th October




Over 28 days you will discover your best self through a combination of expert coaching and a month-long personal life journaling adventure that takes you through the 4 pillars of health over a period of five weeks.

You will build the vision you desire and overcome your blocks through daily prompts and reflections.

Explore your body-mind-food connections to restore contentment and happiness from within.

Eliminate the stressors in your life that are draining your energy.

We’ll pair you up with an accountability partner for support and keep you connected with your vision 

Access the 28 Days To A New You Face Book community and weekly group coaching sessions with Dale and Mel to launch you to the next level! 
The four pillars to reset, refocus and revitalise look like this:

Week 1: Welcome, getting to know each other and planning to begin
Week 2: Reset your focus and relaunch your motivation with MINDSET 
Week 3: Rejuvenate your life and find joy with JUICY LIFE 
Week 4: Renourish your body, mind and soul and energise with NOURISH ME 
Week 5: Release all that is holding you back, so you are free to thrive with DECLUTTER 

Just how wonderful and capable you are. There is nothing like setting a goal, creating something meaningful to you and discovering your inner power. 
The power to create change is within you. You have all of the resources you need to shift your perceptions and be the change you desire. 
How it works 
1. Once you sign up, you’ll get an email and an invitation to our secret Facebook group, where you will receive a warm welcome and meet your hosts Mel and Dale. You will also receive your very own digital life journal, (with the option to purchase your own book).

2.  Each day you will receive an email with your daily prompt reminder. In the group you'll be inspired and encouraged to take action.  You can reflect back to the group about your discoveries and wins (if you feel comfortable to do so).  

3. You’ll get coaching from Mel and Dale, your own accountability buddy and of course the rest of the group! We'll all be in it together and supporting each other!  

4.The first group coaching call will take place at the beginning of week 1. You'll be guided through the introduction of your journal so you feel prepared and ready.

5. Over the next 28 days, there will be 4 more group coaching calls; you will learn more about the four pillars and learn how to implement each of them. This means you WILL be taking action!

6. At the end, you will be able to reflect on your challenges and see how far you've come. You will be guided on carrying on with 'what happens next' and invited to share ‘your moving forward’ action plan. 

There is strength in numbers, and being a part of this group is motivating and inspiring.
Don’t underestimate the difference it will make to you to inspire others and have your own team of cheerleaders.
What are you waiting for? A new life starts here….
On the 7th October, the price increases to £127 and again to £147 on the 30th October.
The full price of this programme is is £347

Learn more about Dale and Mel
About Dale

Dale discovered the power of journaling and writing early on in life and has used it as she describes ‘to save her life’ many times. By putting pen to paper, connecting with her muse and combining that with reflective practice, Dale has been able to change her perspective in her journey to meet a better version of herself.
In 2018, her spine fractured. One of the first things that she did was grab a new journal and begin to explore why and how to heal. She used her journal to pour out her fear, confusion and overwhelm. She used it for research into ways that nutrition could help her to rebuild her bones, life and energy. And she used it as the basis for a book.
She knows first hand the power of journaling and will share with you, how you can use it to also ‘save your life.’
You can discover more at www.journaling.online 

About Mel
Mel is a Registered Nutritionist and has been practicing for more than 22 years. Food has always been her passion, but she struggled with a love-hate relationship with it for much of her early adult life. It’s been more recently that Mel found complete contentment and calm with food, in part through finding a safe place to explore her thoughts and distorted beliefs about it.
Mel used journaling to break free from the diet mentality that was serving no purpose at all. She is trained and now practices non-diet nutrition and non-weight centred approaches to health which help foster a positive relationship with food, self-compassion and body respect. These are essential to building a life free of body discomfort, finding self-acceptance and real joy in life.
Her ability to connect with others and enable real change was one of the reasons she left a 20-year lecturing career and started specialising in women’s emotional and physical health.
You can discover more about Mel's story here