This kid drives me nuts!

Ryan's Toy Review. Have you seen it? Ryan is a YouTube star worth over $12 Million. He is 5 and his parents are laughing. I on the other hand am sickened by the overwhelming commercialisation. He's only been going for 2 years and he's set for life. He (mum and dad) gets paid around $1Million a month for playing with toys. We are not talking small, cheap ones either. Obscene amounts of them. The latest all singing all dancing electric cars and game consoles too. S.P.O.I.L.T. And yes if only I had thought of this first [holds head in hands]

What bugs me even more...(more than the whining 'welcome to Ryan's toy review' intro to each video)......


Ryan has moved onto food. Not just any food, this is the USA after all. It's GIANT food and copious amounts of it. Most of the time he sits down with his Dad whilst Mum passes them 15 flavours of ice cream, 25 different types of Oreo's or Pringles. The current favourites are sweets. How about an enormous gummmy teddy or a ridiculous 4ft long gummy snake. Then they squirt cream on before eating it off the table, nice. Genuinely this has to be seen to be believed. This is a full time job for Ryan's mum and she's on full throttle. There are 1000's of these videos so it's way more than just occasional, I find it really repulsive!

Yes it's entertainment (or is it?) and they seem to be having a lot of fun but how is this kid not on the ceiling? It makes me squirm thinking about his teeth, the heart disease and type 2 diabetes brewing under the surface. I am not just worried about little Ryan (who won't be so little any more if he keeps this up). Ryan now has twin baby sisters.......the legacy will continue for years to come once Ryan becomes morbidly obese or sick at the sight of junk food. Yep the whole family are on board - and his most popular videos get over 560 Million views!

If you are like me and let your child watch YouTube (come on, we all do it) what messages are Ryan's parents sending out? Mum was a chemistry teacher but of course it was more lucrative to video her child 24hrs a day. It's fine to eat MacDonald's / rubbish ALL the time. Let's all fill up on sugar and e-numbers! This is not reality, yet my son wants to visit Ryan in Disney Land and stay for tea.

We joke about Ryan being silly and I explain he must give his toys away to children that don't have any......that he must get a sore tummy with all those sweeties. I shudder at the normality of what I am seeing; this kid is a living reality TV star and has no other life. What happened to growing up normally? Come on Ryan's Manager, lets calm it down a bit and push some positive messages out there before we all get too fat to budge off the sofa! Will all that cash really be worth it?


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  • Tina

    CRINGE! CRINGE! CRINGE! I don’t understand why my 5-year-old son loves watching this channel. I have to limit his watch time, and I can’t even watch it with him anymore, as the mother’s voice is so irritating. Evidently, she is a teacher, but her grammar is so bad, that it makes me wonder how she was allowed to be a teacher in the first place. I may not have perfect grammar ALL of the time, but it’s so obvious here. Everything from Ryan’s intro of “Welcome(S) to Ryan Toy Review” to the mother’s constant negligence in using plurals properly drives me absolutely mad.

    I also can’t believe how much sugar Ryan consumes. I sincerely hope that he doesn’t eat that much sugar when they’re not filming.

  • Chanel
    I believe that there is a lot of hate because people are jealous of the amount of money that family is making. Is your 5 year old making 12 million?
  • Jen

    Ryans parents should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing says lovin like raising a spoiled, entitled child who has crazy influence over kids. The mother’s voice is enough to drive anyone bat s@&t crazy and I won’t even get started on the father.

  • JIll

    Thank you for writing this! I could not agree more. This family is sending out disgusting messages to their almost 13 million subscribers. The parents are absolutely exploiting their children to make as much money as they possibly can, even expanding to multiple channels. Their English is horrible as well, and many times are not using proper grammar or pronunciation. I am sickened that this is what makes money in our world, but I guess by their millions of subscribers and only one comment here on your post, it goes to show us the world we live in an extremely superficial one:(

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