What is online nutrition coaching?


Wakeman Nutrition is moving with the digital age. Online coaching means you can work with me (your coach and consultant) anywhere, anytime. With the power of online platforms, you will see that this modality retains a very personal approach and has many advantages:

The advantages of online coaching include:

  • The privacy of working with your nutrition coach in your own home, office or when on the road.  Our working weeks are rarely the same. Our schedules take us into irregular hours and locations but online coaching moves with you, helping you make the best use of the time you have. No travel time required.
  • Expertise You work with the best expert in their field, irrespective of geographic location. I am focused on YOUR HEALTH.
  • Different ways to stay in touch and get the support you need. With so many social and online tools at our fingertips, choose a mode(s) that you prefer; face to face, video conferencing, shared screens, online chat, phone or e-mail:  I ensure you get the help you need, when you need it.  You receive a summary and reminder after each session so you get the most out of your program
  • An adjustable level of support.  You can receive daily support when you need it, and taper it off as you become more comfortable using the skills you are learning.  I work with you to improve your mindset and motivation but the frequency of our interactions is completely up to you.  
  • The option to take processing breaks.  Exploring your emotions, feelings and working through solutions can be tiring. You may realise you want to get going and start implementing new skills and ideas immediately. With online coaching, you can pause, take a break and pick back up as you need to, giving you complete flexibility.
  • You are in control.  With online coaching, all my booking facilities are online too. That means you can access my schedule and book an appointment any time you choose to. No need to wait to see or speak to me, my scheduler is constantly updated. You will receive an immediate e-mail response confirming your session and therefore peace of mind. Likewise life happens, so you can shift and change your appointment as you need too.
  • Ease. Need a meal plan, help making the best choices when shopping or eating out or prioritising your commitments? Perhaps you need help understanding cravings and emotional eating? I develop all the tools and resources you need to make your route to change as fast as possible. More than likely you don’t have time to faff about so once we identify how I can help you,  I’ll get working and everything you need will be in your personal online folder; no need to keep track of endless emails.

Do you need to be a techie?  Absolutely not! You receive full instructions and support to help you come on board. It's not as scary as you think!

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