How do I let go of wanting to lose weight?


"I get that diets don't work, but I still want to lose weight. How do I 'get over' this?"

I hear this A LOT and it's a great question!

So, what's my answer?

Well, I'll give you two approaches to think about.

1. Reflect on Your Personal Experience

We can be our own best teachers if we just take a step back and reflect on our own experiences and learn from them. It's incredibly powerful to walk through your own lived experience.

What I mean is this: reflect on all of the times that you have "had success" losing weight.
  1. What was life like for you then?
  2. How long did you keep the weight off?
  3. Did you gain more back than you lost?
  4. How did that make you feel?
Do this exercise for every single time you have attempted weight loss (including the times you were NOT "successful").This way, instead of just reading the information, you're able to actually cement your own personal memories with the facts. 

When you can "prove it" to your mind (that diets don't work and long term weight loss is not sustainable), then you will be much better able to slowly relinquish the allure of the diet culture that says that you CAN lose weight. It's easier for us to believe facts that we have personally experienced.

2. Keep Asking Yourself WHY.

So you want to lose weight... why? Maybe because you want to feel more comfortable in your clothes... why? Maybe because you feel self conscious... why? Maybe because you want to be more attractive... why? And why? And why? Keep asking why.

When we keep asking ourselves why, we typically find ourselves in one of 3 patterns:
  • You want to feel nurtured / loved.
  • You want to feel valued.
  • You want to feel healthy.
Our deeper reasons are almost always caught up in some semblance of love, self worth and health. And even deeper than've likely attached your self-worth to love / your relationships, what people think / what you have, health / how you feel.

Try one or both of these exercises and let me know how they go!
Mel x
p.s if you love the idea of letting go of weight focused health but feel unsure you could do that, my Anti-Diet System begins on the 28th; designed to transform your relationship with food and your own body


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